Namter - Il Rifugio della Creazione

Recorded in Acme studio during 2012
Except the track "Presagio" and "Dolore è Luce" recorded by Namter in Hagall Studio between 2005 and 2006
Guitars recorded by Namter during 2007 - 2011
Mixed and Mastered by Stygius
All music by Namter except " Dal Crepuscolo" and " Nell' Aurora"
written and compesed by Ursus Arctos
Il Rifugio della Creazione è dedicato alla memoria di Jonny
Namter - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Triumphator - Bass
Ursus Arctos - Keyboard
Jonny - Drums
Rip Jonny. You will be misssed, brother

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